Part II, July 1-15

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I left off last time, saying we were going out for new plants on Sunday.
This somewhat blurry photo on the left and the detail on the right are the only pictures I have of them.
But, at least, we got the plants in the ground!
Having had little success with summer perennials in our dry shade in summer, we settled for reliable
Stella D'Oro daylilies and a cousin in paler yellow. A group of a fancy hybrid in very pale yellow daylilies,
planted a couple years ago, will soon follow these below the birdbath.

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I have forgotten their names, but,
we have two varieties of this pale, pale yellow daylily on the Holly Ridge.

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Tom's contribution to the photos... as he sat down to celebrate the opening of the season
in his cafe'. I guess, we should call it, "Chez Tom!"

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