APRIL 23, 2004 Continued

On our way to the front yard, we see Elaine, our neighbor across the street.
She has taken the Master Gardner course at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and is a great gardner!
Today she is mulching her beds...
We fret about the deer and chat about gardening,
this time, about putting out some phosphorus, for more bloom
on the Dogwoods and Shrubs which start soon.

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By the time we finish chatting with Elaine, the sun has started to go down.
But, as you can still see, we also have new grass in front!!
I think, this photo was taken before we could mow the new grass.
Tom will keep adding seed until the lawn is back to its earlier thickness, before the bad winter of last year.

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Once again, I missed the chance to catch the Cherry Tree in bloom
with the Grape Hyacinths blooming below it.
Last year, I got the tree in bloom for you.
Today, I caught the last of the Grape Hyacinths... what the deer have left us!

Now, to see if we can do some planting soon,
in Tom's newly mulched, front beds of last fall....
Something deer-proof!

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Meanwhile, here is what is left of the tall evergreen Yew, which the five deer ate last February,
plus one of our Wild Cherry trees in bloom at
Sunrise in Perry Parc.

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