May 15-22, 2004

I took a stroll at peak growing time, to see how things were doing.
The grass has done well, thanks to a lot of rain.
The hollies' leaves are also coming back.

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And our deer has made herself at home!
She is spending a lot of time in the little woodland behind the pond.
I spoke with the neighbor back there, a biologist,
and we decided to not try to get rid of her for now.
He will put apples on a stake for her.
If that keeps her from eating too much from our gardens,
we will let her stay.
She is very young. So, she might do okay at adapting.

We have named her "Sleepy" because she naps here,
in our magical, Sleepy Hollow.

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I see her during the day from my office window.

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The woodland is shown above. Its side border starts about 8 feet behind our pond,
just beyond a log border shown on the left above.
It ends at our "Back 40."
While in the woodland, the deer is hidden from the neighbor's view by the brown shed.
The photo on the right above shows where she enters the back end of our yard
from the woodland. You can see deer tracks in the grass,
from the time she got scared of me and ran next door.

But, she is getting tamer....
One day, she was sitting on the front porch of the other neighbor behind us!

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Dwarf viburnum, "Snowflake" at the entrance to the woodland garden
and more of the new grass.

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