April 23, 2004 continued
A stroll through the Woodland Garden...

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Turning down into the woodland,
we pass native Fuchsias in pink and white,
followed by a large Trillium, almost ready to bloom,
Solomon's Seal popping up, and lots of other plants have broken through the soil.

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Virginia Blue Bells in blue and pink (left above) are other native plants.
Our native ferns are cropping up as well.

But, speaking of Virginia, I missed a chance to photograph our rare native, Jeffersonian plant.
They only bloom for a day or two... extremely hard to propogate as a result!

Ours bloomed beautifully, with about 8 blossoms, a few days ago.

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First discovered by Thomas Jefferson
on his Monticello estate in Virginia

(Commercial photo)

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Looking back into the Woodland Garden above,
the tall spikes at the back of the bed are the
Solomon's Seals coming up. They will soon carry lots of white bell flowers.
From here, we go out the driveway to check the front yard...

Continue to the front yard and meet a neighbor ....
She has a great garaden!
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