Rhein in Flammen
(Rhein in Flames)

7 May - 17 September

On five magic summer nights, during the wine festival season,
an ever-changing kaleidscope of lights erupts above the Rhein River,
and shimmering cascades of color plunge into the romantic Rhine Valley.
Nowhere else is there a more impressive interplay of fire, water and light
than here in this beautiful and majestic region steeped in history!

Europe's largest river fleet flamboyantly decorated and the river itself literally aflame,
one of Germany's most scenic areas is alight with fireworks.
Visitors can watch from the river bank or
from boats bringing people to the prime viewing spots.

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For 70 years, towns on the Rhine and Moselle rivers have held these annual wine festivals.
The festival highlights are the fireworks in the evening.
The towns, castle fortresses, palaces, and castle ruins
are seen in bizarre outlines and shine in the red light of Bengal Fire.

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Rhein in Flammen Events
in Bonn and The Siebengebirge

For a festive season-opener the shore promenade and
attractions of the on the Rhine river bank towns of
Linz, Erpel, Remagen, Unkel, Rheinbreitbach, Bad Honnef,
Konigswinter and Bonn
are lit in the red fluorescent glow of 2000 "Bengal Fire" lights.

The red fluorescent Bengal Fire lights the way downstream for
a fleet of more than 60 decorated and illuminated ships
along a 26 km stretch - the longest stretch of any Rhine in Flames spectacle.

Special highlights of this event will be the fireworks in
Linz, Remagen, Bad Honnef and
on the opposite bank at Konigswinter
and the big finale of fireworks in the Bonn Rhine river floodplain.
Every town and village along the route celebrates the weekend
with festivals and events.
You're invited to join the music, dance, and Rhineland festivities!

Bonn and Siebengebirge - Rhein in Flammen

Saturday, May 7, 2005 (Next date: May 6, 2006)
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