Equally special are the colors of the waters!
The degree of transparency of the seas in Okinawa
is said to be among the best five in the entire world.

Colors range from turquoise and green to indigo and azure blue,
depending on the depth of the water,
the kind of light and the presence of coral reefs and clouds.

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The island is surrounded by coral reefs
and the waters are habitat for many fish.

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Its beaches among the rocks are one of my favorite memories!
The photos above and below are the closest I have found
to where we swam and picnicked in a little, hidden, rocky cove
on the northwest coast.

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The shore was dotted with huge rocks, on which we climbed and sun bathed.
Other rocks stood tall in the water, close to the shore.
The water was so clear, we could see clear to the bottom 20 feet below.
Those rocks, alone, were worth the trip!

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Each year the rainy season might bring several typhoons,
some of which were quite a specatcle! I have not yet found information about the 140-mph typhoon we had while we were on the island. For a typhoon report from the island, that came shortly after we left,
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Continued... the land, its people and traditions,
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