How long I've wanted to share the island paradise of my youth
with friends who have never seen it!
Living there from age 12-15 (1953-56) was to form my life forever after...
as it did so many others with whom I grew up there.

One of the 161 Ryukyu Islands, in a beautiful palm-tree-laden archipelago which stretches for 800 miles between Japan and Taiwan, the island is the largest of the Ryukyus, at 57 miles long and 1 - 5 miles wide. If I correctly recall, it lies just about 800 miles off the coast of China.

Long an independent Royal Kingdom, its culture is unique, though some aspects of it were brought by the Chinese traders centuries ago and others by the Japanese, who came in modern times. The island now belongs to Japan. The island people have the distinction of being the longest-living on the planet!

Sadly, I have not been there for nearly 50 years!
So, I've had to borrow most of these photos.
I hope that it is okay under the circumstances!

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