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On our way to Broadway, Christmas Night 2002

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I created this website early in 2003, for friends who have not been to visit lately,
especially for old friends around the globe who are simply too far away to visit.

Meanwhile, it is also a good way for us to keep in touch,
the nerve in my hand and arm has never recovered, even with the surgery.
As a result of that and an old lady's arthritus, I can no longer write much by hand;
and it is still a rather painful chore to type newsy e-mails on the keyboard
to all those with whom we want to keep in touch.
So, up-dating this web site regularly is a lot more efficient in getting our news out.

Perry Parc Log
I've always wanted to make a garden diary, and now I have a good start on one.
Included here is a log ..
.if sometimes sporadic... of happenings in Perry Parc.
That is the name which was given to our back yard, by our longtime German friend, Dierk,
while he was visiting us here in the early 1990s.

It's such a delightful oasis in this congested part of the country!
It is full of wild life and the plants we love... all, on a hillside
of rich, acid soil, beneath the shade of 20 oak and hickory trees.
We have learned so much while trying to create our little oasis here
and have become very attached to the critters who also enjoy it.
We want to share this wonderful place with our friends,
if only via photos for some of you.

Keep checking back for the latest activities in the garden
and whatever else is new!

Old Friends and New
Something else I am seldom able to do is to introduce my old friends to each other,
since, with my nomadic life, they are spread all around the globe!
So, I have started a section here about our friends.
(No last names are used, in order to protect you on the web)
Reports so far are that folks are enjoying the chance to see photos of
and learn something about our other friends.
If you have not yet sent me photos and news, please do!
(Otherwise, please keep sending them!)
I'm eager to add them and the others want to finally meet you!

Bonn and Okinawa
Many of my friends have never been to my old stomping grounds in Bonn, Germany.
Most have never been to my teenage island paradise, Okinawa.
So, as I get time, I am adding photos of those places too.
I hope you will enjoy them! Each place is so beautiful and full of charm!

When those pages are done, I will add some photos of our wonderful trip to Italy in 2001,
Tom's trip to Ireland in 2004, and our trips to Bonn for the weddings of our German daughters.

A Semi-technical Note
Our web server has recently doubled our space on the server for free!
So, for now, I am putting up lots of large photos,
so that you can save any of them to your own computer that you want to have.
I have created thumbnails for them all, for those of you with dial-up service,
so that you may pick and choose which ones you open.
But, if your computer starts to stall from downloading a lot of the large photos,
just empty your cache, run a disc clean-up or shut down and get back on line;
and then you should be back up to your regular download speed.
(Repeat as necessary.)

Meanwhile, even this amount of space on the server has a limit.
I will at some point probably have to remove the large photos,
to make room for more. So, don't wait too long
if you want to copy any of the large photos!

They won't be here forever.

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Left, 1999 - Right, 2003

Since our arrival here in 1992, a lot has changed.
We have done a lot of work on the house and yard.
And we have accumulated an array of antiques.
We now feel at home here and expect to stay.
We hope some of you, who haven't yet, will come for a visit in time!
Meanwhile, here's what we have been doing over the years.
I up-date the photos and revise text throughout the year.

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Or take the garden tour of Perry Parc
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