Introduction to
The French Paradox!

...mais aussi nous laissera le temps de g˘uter au
et nos bons vins
car nous sommes un peu Úpicuriens !!

Patrick had written us before we left the US,
that they wanted to show us not just faience,
but, also to introduce us to the
French Paradox*
and the their fine wines,

since, "we are also little-bit Epicuriens !!"

And HOW!!
I've never eaten so well in all my life!

*What is the French Paradox?
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In true French tradition, everything was fresh from the market
and freshly made. Both, Patrick and Isabelle are superb cooks!
Sorry I got so into it all, that
I forgot to take photos of all the delicious dishes!

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Julian, the younger of Patrick and Isabelle's two sons, joined us for dinner.
You will meet eldest son StÚphane
when I finish their pages in our Friends section.
It seems that Page took all of the photos,
and is unfortunately not in these. Very sad!

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Dierk had as much fun as we did! It turned out that, like him,
Patrick had practiced law in Brussels before recently retiring!
The only problem was getting Dierk to translate for us, at times,
when they got enthusiastic about their own conversations!

Not only did Patrick share his superb, vintage wines with us!
Topping off the grand dinner were their
home-made brandies, from the famed, local Mirabelle plums ,
and a fabulous sauterne!
More about the marvelous foods and wines of the region, as I get time.

Next day, we went off with Patrick to the Museums,
to see the early faience of Lorraine.
But, not before the most wonderful of
Isabelle's Breakfast delights!

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