August 4, 2004

More deer...
this time, we have Babies!

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Three fawns were born, just up the street, earlier this summer. Two arrived here this week.
They came over from the neighbor's and turned down behind our upper patio en route to the woodland.
Today, all three came from the back neighbor's woodland through to my woodland garden path
and over to the neighbors' on the other side.
Some of the photos were taken with a telephoto setting from an upstairs window, so, they are not entirely clear.

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Tom got these photos this weekend.

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Time to take some defensive action!
I'm off to buy a product called "Liquid Fence," which my neighbor Elaine has found keeps the
deer from eating all the plants. This could get to be real trouble this winter!


And then there's The Photo That Got Away!
I have found our earlier doe,
drinking from our bird bath on several occasions!

It appears to be a regular activity, so, I might catch a photo later.

Information about the White-tailed Deer...
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"Deer in the Yard"
fabulous photos of deer with human contact...
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Meanwhile, later that day...
Taking a short break from a long and very productive day of working in the garden.

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