The Mess We Also Live In!

The following photos were added, especially for Sarah ... and anyone else
who might have thought our house was neat and organized,
judging from the living room!

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Here you see what it is like to run an antique business from home!
The pair of 19th C French bombe' beds against the dining room wall, left above,
were later picked up by a customer. I don't usually deal in furniture,
but these beds were too nice to pass up.
Atop the dining table, among many other things, sits a 17th C. French mirror,
which I ordered from Belgium, for selling over the holidays.
Meanwhile, we eat dinner in the den upstairs!

The faience accumulated on the sideboard includes
some pieces of our permanent collection of old French faience,
plus, some items for sale and others which have since been sold...
and is now crowded with more to sell. More photos of our faience
and other pottery items coming to the Collections section eventually.

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Here you see our old-fashioned kitchen cum shipping department!
A painting had just arrived from Sweden, and was yet to be entirely unpacked.
Beneath the tabletop are items ready to ship... a constantly changing melange
that frequently invades the dining room. As soon as we clear out some things, more arrive.
It's a constant battle to keep up! The actual packing area is in the basement,
which Tom has nicely converted to suit the work.

You will find photos of my office on another page.
I will add more pix of the inside of the house, as I get time to take more photos.

Continue upstairs for some of our memories of Italy
and my childhood in the Orient ... and
whatever else did not mix well with things downstairs!
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